Fully featured out of the box

Quantum is an open source, easy to use, powerful automation framework
collaborating with Cucumber, Test NG, Perfecto Mobile and QAF

  • Setup working environment within minutes

    Lab access, user authentication, driver management.

  • Test creation

    BDD for easy-to-use English phrased steps using standard Cucumber and application objects, in a simple to use environment, which also fits Java-skilled users.

  • Result analysis

    Perfeco Reporting incorporated into the test, for test execution analysis, with no intervention required by the test writer.

  • Full support in data driven test

    Support in commonly used data formats, like XML and CSV.

  • Devices management mechanism

    Supports smart wait for device, including queuing mechanism and retry.

  • Perfecto Mobile actions

    Including all Perfecto Mobile actions as Java and Cucumber utils.

If you'd like to be part of the Quantum community or help improve your favorite test automation framework, find us on GitHub